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I started weaving in 1999. This came out from the Living History hobby, when making my own clothes and wondering how it would be dyeing the wool and weaving my own fabric. Fortunately from my former boyfriend and my family I got a weaving loom as a birthday present, so I had to start to think about how to get the loom working. I bought some books but, although they were very interesting, I did not really get any further. Finally, when I was actually looking for some wool combs, I got in contact with a weaver in The Hague and started taking lessons. Even if the reproduction of a more or less authentic fabric was surely my main objective, learning the tricks of the trade is good fun as well. This has led to some production which is not only Living History, but satisfactory nonetheless. In the picture you can se the result of my first handwoven dress.

Later on I got the possibility of buying an antique oak German loom from ca. 1825. Some parts were badly in need of some rastauration, fortunately I found someone who was able to do the the job using old oak for the repairs. In the Living History world I was able to contact a smithy who made some of the missing iron work for me. I had to make some of the heddels myself as it is now nearly to impossible to still find them in cotton thread. You can only buy plastic ones, but you can hardly put them on an antique piece of work, can you?

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