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We discovered the Icelandic horses during our holidays in Denmark a few years ago and we fell in love witht his breed. They are quite small but are still considered a horse and not a pony. They are also quite strong despite the fact that they are small and can carry an adult man without problem.

The horses found in Iceland today are descended from horses taken to Iceland by the Vikings. Their ancestors came from Northern Scandinavia and the British Isles, in particular, the Dole Horse of Norway and the Celtic Pony from Britain. In 982 AD, the Thing passed a law which stopped the importation of horses to prevent the spread of disease and even today, any horse that leaves Iceland can never return.

At first it has not been very easy to find a place here at home. We resolved to Gimli in Drenthe, where we were very well introduced to the Icelandic horse and to horse riding basics in general. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the horses in the field with the others and not in a small paddock all alone. That part we enjoyed very much.

They are generally not backed until they are 4 years old and are not considered mature until 7. However, they are still found working when they are 25 or 30 years old

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